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Let’s Talk About Drugs

leslie knope your life.

Alright gang, as many of you know I completed a pain treatment program at Mayo Clinic PRC and discontinued my Vicodin, Tramadol, and occasional Percocet. For those who don’t have prior knowledge, I attended PRC to learn to better manage my pain not because I was addicted to pain medication [nothing against those who better their lives who are coping with addiction]. It has been 6 months and I have not taken any pain medication since completing the program. I had turned over all of the pain medication I had with me after completing the program but found duplicates of all the medications in my medication drawer back home that I had forgotten about. For 6 months I have sat on this medication due to either some sort of emotional attachment or because I was afraid I would legitimately need it. Today I turned over all, and I do mean ALL narcotics to the police station narcotic disposal. It may not seem like much but I got rid of my ‘safety net’ of pain medication and somehow feel more prepared to stay pain medication free.


Two doctors walk into a bar…

taxidermy for the ladiesAlrighty! So I went to both my Neurologist and the Rheumatologist yesterday and we learned a couple things. First I saw the neurologist who thinks that the pain issues are related to RA, she wanted to hear what the rheumatologist said. This is the part of the story where I tell you about the longest rheumatologist appointment I have ever had including the one when she diagnosed my RA. We sat there talking about specifically what type of pain it was what I had done for the last 48 hours leading up to it, what was going on in my life, school, work, everything. The best pain descriptor I could come up with was it felt like I was in a hamster ball full of stalactites. She believes that this was a pure Fibromyalgia flare up worse than any I’ve ever had due to the increased stress of failing my first college course, my boyfriend graduating, and the intense cold in the area I live in. She did an incredibly thorough physical and showed that NOT A SINGLE ONE of my joints was swollen granted I had had my Orencia IV two days prior. We did discuss the possibility of me having a minor RA flare as an explanation and she expressed that if we found swollen joints in the near future that she would want to change my IV to Actemra [I feel Orencia is doing a great job though]. The end result of the appointment was no medication change for the time being and both doctors urging my to go to the Mayo clinic’s ‘Pain rehabilitation center’ for the 3 week program. I will be resuming my yoga in an attempt to help with the day to day pain and we will re-assess my medications in 3 months once the cold weather is really gone. On the bright side while I’m not thrilled about not being able to fix this with medication at least I’m not on Methotrexate injections again.

Keep on walking ūüėČ


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nanami cowdroy cranesI will make this post brief as the dose of Vicodin that I finally caved in to is kicking in about now. I have decided to attend the 3-week long Pain rehabilitation program at the Mayo in Rochester. At present it is scheduled at a time that absolutely will not work, I am hoping that they will have appointments in October as there would be a lull is schoolwork around then. While the thought of missing 3 weeks of school¬†appalls¬†me to my core, the reason I am part-time this year is so that I can get my health under control. A fact that my best friend and roommate pointed out. The Lyrica is helping a lot but I’m still having some intense pain, the Tramadol barely takes the edge off and I’m trying to stay off of narcotics if I can hep it. As I am trying to find a job this trip may prove problematic in that regard, but I really need to go and will find some way around it. If I have to work a terrible job I can just quit [fast food maybe?] and then get a decent job upon my return so be it. Point being I WILL MAKE THIS HAPPEN. I am going to discuss it with my family very soon.

I’ll be back [Mayo 5]

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405862_10151429191828564_909009868_nAlright gang here’s the deal I went to the “teen PRC [pain rehabilitation center]” as referred by my doctor. I met a very nice psychologist, we discussed my situation and he told me that pain rehab was really all there was left for me to do. I asked what kind of doctor I needed to find to perhaps¬†prescribe¬†me something weaker than Vicodin (Like tramadol) and who would be dealing with my Lyrica. He didn’t really answer me on that front which I found frustrating. He did however pick up on my personality and said that he suspected that I only had two speeds, 110% or 0%. He told me that I needed to start accepting my limitations and need to slowly work my way back to normality. He said that he felt going to the specialty fibromyalgia program would be a mistake as they mostly dealt with diagnosing followed by a two-day cram session of how to cope. He instead referred me to the Adult PRC program (he said he felt I would connect better with adult patients, which is right) that is 3 weeks long and very intensive. He then told me that it was booked solid and that I probably would have to wait a decent amount of time. We went to scheduling where they told me that the earliest they could see me was late August. In short there is no way for me to do this without missing school. I’m not going to lie it was really¬†disappointing¬†to me that there wasn’t more that could be done with my case for the time being. Hearing that I had to wait for more help made me want to cry but I know there’s not much else they can do and that it isn’t anyones fault.

Pending a set date I will be returning to Mayo Clinic for PRC in the fall.

Sorry I don’t have better news :-/

Adult PRC:


My MRI results are in and confirm no synovial inflammation they did however find “a small ganglion cyst just medial to the ulnar base of the 5th finger proximal phalanx”, I’ve had a cyst in my wrist before so it’s not really anything new.

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