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Finals Are Coming


Hello my lovely friends! I have several bits of news to share:

FEET: AKA Foot Adventure [Part 2]

Alright, so I went to the orthopedic specialist in Oklahoma City with the hopes of getting some help with my foot pain. After some extensive x-rays and an hour wait a resident showed up and asked me to explain my pain. I said, ” the pain is behind the bunion right here [point to big toe joint]”. He looked very confused and asked if I was sure, I assure him that as the keeper of my foot I am certain. He says he has to review my x-rays and disappears for 30 minutes. Then the actual doctor came to see me asking me again to explain my foot situation. I tell him the whole pain here [point to joint], not there thing. He asks if there’s exterior pain on the bunion itself. I explain that it is a little painful but the joint hurts worse hence all the steroid shots. He then tells me he has to review my x-rays and disappears for 30 more minutes, at this point I have missed my classes and am not thrilled. When he finally returned he didn’t look thrilled, he explains that my x-ray reveals no RA related joint damage. I all but scream “yay I’m not getting frog feet!”. I then explain that frog feet it what I call it when late stage RA runs your feet making them fin like. I asked him why this wasn’t extremely good news still just excited that frog feet aren’t in the cards, he explained that the x-rays provided no insight into the cause of the pain. I’ve been scheduled for an MRI on Thursday in the hopes that some sort of edema will become apparent on the x-ray. We are to reconvene next week to go over the images and decide a course of action. While this wasn’t the most productive trip one thing he told me was worth the hours of waiting. He said, “Maddie, I assume that you haven’t travelled all this way and endured foot spacers, orthotics, drugs, and foot injections for the fun of it. I believe that your foot is hurting you and while I can’t make any assurances I would like to help you”. That alone makes me want to work with him in the future.


I am now a little over a month into Belsomra and have the following the report. Over time my ability to instantly fall asleep has dwindled but I am still falling asleep in less than 30 minutes. I think this could be related to my stress level right now [wedding, finals, etc…]. I am still experiencing NO and I mean NO side effects! My sister has also begun taking it [also an insomniac] and is responding to it well also.


This past semester I was attending every class until about half-way through when I started having health issues again. Because of this there are a couple classes with grades that could use a boost. This week is dead week and I am taking both halves of my ASL final this week. Next week I have my math, children’s lit, and health exams. I’m getting to the point where I’m overly stressed and am actively working on that.


Life As We Know It

945139_3182536500269_984301105_nRight after I got home I went to my rheumatologist for a check-up following my trip across the globe. After doing the normal check up she ran a few tests and FINALLY confirmed what the Mayo Clinic had determined in May, I am really in Remission! I am very excited to finally go into winter without active RA as I LOVE the cold but it always caused my RA to flare up. To be absolutely honest, I was and still am so grateful to be in remission but at the same time I am having a hard time adapting. I hadn’t realized how much of my time and energy was spent on being sick. To someone without a chronic condition that may seem like an odd statement but in my own personal experience I spent so much time looking up new treatments, scheduling appointments of all kinds, physical therapy, trying to save energy [spoons] anywhere I could, not going out with friends, or just downright feeling crummy. I would like to remind everyone that 3 years of my life were spent that way and while I do still have very active Fibromyalgia, it is GREATLY helped by the Lyrica. This massive change in my life actually sent me into a depressive state, luckily someone close to me realized something was off and got me to talk to them about what was going on and came to realize I was struggling with the fact that my state of being was changed. I am still working on accepting what my life is like now that I am doing better, which has been hard because this had hit me when I was 17-20 which is when many individuals truly find their identity, apparently my identity was a little tied up in being the sick girl who pushed herself too hard. Since realizing this I have actually gotten much better and am now able to really appreciate being better. To any CI patients out there who are in a similar place right now I want you to know that you are not the only one who feels this way and you do adjust. Because I am doing better now my life feels much more balanced, I am going to school, working a real job, and am able to have more healthy relationships with the people around me.

On another note my right shoulder has been painful for the last few years and it had been attributed to the RA. Since I am in remission my rheumatologist said it was a ‘mechanical issue’, she thinks it is hypermobile in a bad way or that the tendon is messed up. Either way I need to see a orthopedist about it, I have already done PT for it twice though so the referring doctor actually sent me to a surgeon. I DO NOT want shoulder surgery, the recovery time alone is enough to make me hesitant. I plan on asking if he has any suggestions other than PT, if not I guess I have to grow-up and get it taken care of as it does seem to be getting worse. I see the doctor for the consult on the 11th and really hope it goes well, the same day I see the AMAZING doctor who has been giving me botox injections for my horrible migraines [caused by occipital neuralgia, caused by fibromyalgia] for my 6 week check up. The shots have been helping me more than any other treatment tried on me in the past.

Trigger points. Bam Headshot!

come at me nighthawksYesterday I had a trigger point injection of Lidocaine injected into my scalp above the left occipital bone on my skull. I’ve been having muscle spasms at the base of my neck leading to terrible migraines, my orthopedist [who has been helping with my Fibro symptoms and neck pain for about a year] thought this would be the most effective way to treat it immediately. I see my rheumatologist this Friday to make sure that I can double my muscle relaxants, so yay for that!

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