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I’m Back Baby!


I'm Back Baby

Hello friends! Long time no write. In my defense, I have been up to an absolutely ridiculous amount of things! Since my last post, I have entered my second year of teaching, went to Israel, participated in a statewide teacher walkout, ran for the Oklahoma House of Representatives (Made it to run-off and lost by 17 votes), worked at a Jewish Summer camp, finished 1/4 of the John Muir Trail, and adopted a rescue great Pyrenees. If this feels like a bit much, that’s only because it is. What I’m really hoping to do is get back to posting regularly and talking to other patients.

I may have (did) run myself into the ground and gave up on self-care as a whole. I’m slowly coming back from the mad dash that was election season and am looking forward to focusing on my teaching again. Another thing I am looking forward to is filing for my medical marijuana card now that Oklahoma is a medical marijuana state (honestly a miracle). I’ll report back on how the process goes, I’m really hoping to get some pain relief as well as offset some of the side effects of my medication.

I have another foot operation in a few weeks and will be updating Y’all on how it’s going. It’s time for Franken-foot to get a Bride of Franken-foot. 2 years ago I had a bunionectomy and foot realignment on the left and it made such a huge difference. After doing 60 miles on the John Muir Trail and knocking doors this election season I finally managed to do in the right foot as well. So as I said, it’s time for Bride of Franken-foot to happen.

TL;DR I’m unbreakable, busy, and writing again!



Dita Von Ceese

I have been asked by several new patients how I dealt with having RA at such a young age. The truth is that it was not only hard at the beginning, it’s still a major issue in my life. The only difference between now and then is that now I know that I am more than the sum of my illness. I now know that no matter what RA [or fibro] throws at me I can take it, I may be down and out for a day but there is always tomorrow. I learned it’s not about taking one week at a time or even one day at a time, it’s about taking it one minute at a time. I live in such a state of uncertainty that when I am presented with the opportunity to get stuff done I have to jump on the proactive trin and deal with things quickly. I’ve also learned not to beat myself up over things I can’t control [such as but not limited to: Missing class, missing homework due dates, missing sorority events, missing things with friends,¬†canceling¬†on friends, eating healthy, and sticking to a schedule]. In the end all you can do is give it your best effort.

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