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Bed Rest: Week 2

8flkNgqThis week I got my splint removed and got to see my foot! The incisions are significantly larger than I anticipated but are healing nicely. They removed half my stitches yesterday and will remove the remaining ones in 2 weeks. The doctor was impressed with my lack of pain meds [I’ve been off them for a week now] along with my limited range of motion. Apparently my toe wiggle is pretty impressive, it would appear they thought that wouldn’t happen for another week or so. Despite being a fall risk they went ahead and put me in a boot rather than a cast so I could shower more easily. I’m trying to adjust to having a giant boot on my leg while sleeping, not to mention how freaking heavy it is. My fantastic husband wins all the awards for putting up with me and taking care of me.

Muscle atrophy, what is it? This past week we have learned that my calf has turned into a gelatinous blob. I expected some atrophy in my leg but not so severe or quickly. I am less than halfway through my recovery so building the muscle back up is going to be an interesting adventure. I won’t be walking for 3 more weeks so I suspect this will get much worse before it gets better.

The storm systems that came through kicked my untreated RA/RD into high gear and caused a system failure resulting in a random couch nap on christmas. I am so very excited to start my IV in 2 weeks.

I am officially becoming stir crazy and feel like a shut in. I did get some excellent coloring books, a dinosaur building kit, and some books to help distract me.


Chronically Awesome

space tiger is best tiger

Hey folks! Alright so I’m a little over a month into school and I haven’t crashed and burned yet. Last week was a rough once as I missed a majority of my Math class however managed a high B on the exam. I need to improve my overall attendance again however regardless of this past week my attendance is still at an all time high. I’m very excited to be heading back up to Rochester, MN to go to my PRC aftercare at the Mayo Clinic. I’m hoping they will be able to help me get back on track with my PT or at least remind me of what I need to be doing to help myself. I’ve been slacking in that department as my energy level is depleted. However in spite of this my involvement in the Deaf community, my sorority, and my friends is at an all time high, however both my roommate and the boyfriend have expressed alarm at me beginning to overload myself as we all know I am extremely prone to do. What has helped my the most this year so far has been the amazing support system I have, I honestly do not know how I would do any of this without them. Knowing someone has your back and is encouraging you goes farther than anyone realizes, especially to those with chronic illness.

Additionally I have made the decision to discontinue my botox shot protocol temporarily, possibly permanently. It is just one more thing to deal with that has helped minimally and is honestly more trouble than it’s worth at this point. At this point in time is just is not hitting the “worth-it” line, Imitrex is a joke to my body and messes me up so I’ll revisit the issue with my neurologist as a means of handling acute situations.

My¬†boyfriend has been fantastically helpful as of late with helping me get more active, there was a kayaking adventure yesterday with only one casualty [rest in peace boyfriend’s fitbit, the fishes have you now]. Prior to PRC I would’ve told him that it was not something I could do but by limiting our time on the lake and positive self talk I was able to allow myself to be excited for a physical activity. Hopefully more adventures to follow, I am considering getting a bike [which is kind of a big deal guys], I haven’t ridden one since before I got sick [one of the weird limitations I’d put on myself]

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