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xxx52bzThese past few days I have been trying to focus on the good. I am lucky that I didn’t get something worse in my IV. I’m lucky that I have the friends and family I do that support me. Honestly if I didn’t have the support system I do, this would have been a devastating hit. While this is no means ideal, it is not going to be the end of me. I have worked with all but one professor to ensure my ability to work from home and finish out the last few weeks of of this semester. My professors have rallied around me in a way I had not anticipated, for this I am eternally grateful. I owe all my professors so much for how gracious they have been regarding the situation. I am hopeful that I will be able to finish out my semester and begin my student teaching in January as planned.

Now as far as the physical symptoms from the Benlysta go, they have been pretty consistent. I have been sleeping between 13-16 hours and waking up exhausted. I have a hefty dose of headaches and nausea. I have been drinking stomach soothing tea and eating candied ginger like no ones business [I strongly recommend both for medication induced nausea]. Thankfully the chills have let up but I am still rocking a fever. Hopefully things will start to level out as my body has a chance to process this crap out of my blood. We will see how things are going once we start running labs.



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  1. Katherine Polakoff

    Ask your insurance company if they use a medical malpractice lawyer or can refer you to one. If not, go online and find a medical malpractice lawyer in your area that doesn’t seem too sleazy. You should be able to get a free consultation online through his or her website or by phone. Make sure the lawyer will take you on retainer so he/she takes payment directly from the settlement, and you pay nothing upfront, nothing out of pocket. Hospitals settle out of court as often as possible, especially if you are not asking for millions. You want a reasonable amount of money (right?) for time lost, measurable as time out of school +weekends and holidays; lost wages, if you work; and pain and suffering, as documented by this site, doctor’s notes from visits and/or phone calls regarding symptoms, observations,etc, and RN’s notes re same. If you have not been checking in with your doctor during this ordeal, start now so you’ll have multiple notes to support your case. Believe me, you need the money for daily expenses, unexpected expenses, and for the early retirement you will almost certainly need to take. Social Security (Disability/Retirement) is helpful, but not great. The cost of living increase this year is 0.3%. No increase at all last year. Meanwhile, my rent shoots up about 5% per year, and that’s only because I cry it down from twice that. I am burning through my savings like wildfire, and I am terrified of what’s going to happen when it’s gone in the very near future. By the way, I know your grandmother, Jo.

    • Thank you so very much for your advice! I won’t be discussing my legal choices publicly but have appreciated your advice. I’m sorry to hear your struggles with rent, my husband and I and sick and tired of the rent increases in our college town. Finally, what a small world! How is it that you know my grandmother?


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