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You Did WHAT?!?!


Dear friends, something terrible has happened, let me explain.

Today I received a call from the infusion clinic I go to informing me that they accidentally gave me the wrong infusion. That’s right THE WRONG CHEMO ENTIRELY. They informed me that I received a round of a high dose Lupus drug called Benlysta. My doctor then told me I couldn’t receive my actual RA infusion for a month. I am already in survival mode so this is quite the disaster. The doctor told me in her 10 years she had never seen this happen, the RN at the IV center said never in her 11 years, and finally the hospital told me a switch like this has literally NEVER occurred. Lucky me. The Benlysta they game me has given me some pretty gross nausea, fever, chills, and headache, luckily that seems to be the extent of it [EDIT: it was not, there was more crap]. I am still livid with the hospital for making such a preventable mistake. For christ sake it passed through 3 checkpoints and no one caught it. I am pissed off that things are about to go sideways and there isn’t a damn thing I can do about it. Moral of the story, I am literally the unluckiest patient in Oklahoma.


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  1. Oh man. There are no words.

    I’m so sorry. Sometimes it feels like the universe is just out to get you. What an awful thing and at a terrible time of the year for flares and holiday/school stress. Hang I there. You will find the other side of it at some point. Hugs.

  2. Wow. The hits just keep on coming. But you’re wrong about not being able to do anything — it just depends on how vindictive you want to be. You can, at the least, report them for medical malpractice ( or you can bring a civil suit for the same. You need to check with your insurance company because I’m sure they billed for the medication you didn’t receive and you need to demand any co-pay be returned. You might be the victim here, but you don’t have to be the helpless victim. What a mess. I’m so sorry that you’re having to deal with this along with everything else. 😦

    • Thanks for finding the complaints page for me! I have been assured that insurance won’t be billed for the IV or any labs needed as a result. I am still slated to finish everything and graduate in May despite what’s going on currently. On the upside when I graduate I will be even MORE impressive for having survived this mess.


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