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Now That’s What I Call A Blaze of Glory

sad dino suitSo. For those of you who have followed me on facebook you may know that I started a small fire last Wednesday. Not in an ‘arsony-crazy-chick’ kind of way though so don’t get too worked up. So I had a candle that I’d moved to my nightstand and a box of issues was a little close. When I looked down I thought “hmmm, that’s toas– OH MY GOD FIRE”, in a fit of panic and not wanting to die I picked up the fiery ball of tissue death, ran towards my bathroom, drop the fiery ball, pick it back up, throw it towards sink, lands on mirror somehow sticking, I scraped fire monster into sink [RIP toothbrush]. At think point I’m amazed I didn’t burn down my damn house, I also realized that my right thumb had 2nd degree burns. My roommate was kind enough to drive me to walgreens because I thought I just needed some burn ointment [for the record I’m actually first aid trained], while in Walgreens my skin started to blister and hurt like crazy. My roommate took me to the ER where the nurse practitioner told me “I don’t give female patients ‘Silvadine’ [RX burn cream that EVERYONE uses] because it can discolor your delicate hands”. I told him I didn’t care and that fire also has that effect on hands. Here’s where things take a turn. They wrapped my hand and gave me something for pain. I thought it was a fairly low dose hydrocodone mix [like Vicodin] NOPE.

1 Lortab later I lost my house key and don’t remember going home. I do however remember waking up from my codeine induced coma thinking 2 things. 1) this is the most I’ve slept since Mayo PRC 2) Everything hurts and I feel like death. SO. I ditched the remaining Lortab I was given and got all eye of the tiger and soldiered on. This adventure made me realize that I really can’t have pain medication no matter the situation, at PRC they say that it’s okay if it’s an acute issue but for my own sake I can’t. On the upside I’m only 1 week out and my hand is bandage free for the first time today, the skin is still messed up but it’s not terrible.


The girl on fire


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  1. Just so glad it wasn’t much worse. I am glad your house and you are ok. Sorry about your thumb.

  2. OMG! Great Balls of Fire! (literally) So glad it wasn’t worse!


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