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make out with meSince Rheumatologist A [the one who diagnosed RA initially] didn’t specialize in Fibro care I thought I’d try my luck with a rheumatologist [B] and see if she had any ideas on how to better manage my pain as I am still having problems. Needless to say I’ve been looking forward to this appointment since I made it. This afternoon I showed up at rheumatologist B’s office after waiting for an hour I was called back by a very nice nurse [I mentioned this because nice nurses go a LONG way in my book] anyways so she takes me back and starts going through my history with me [RA, Fibro, occipital neuralgia, surgery, TB, etc..] the doctor comes in about 5 minutes and and starts barrating me with questions. I understand her need to be informed on the situation but she was very brisk and harsh. After getting up to speed I ask what she suggests I do for my pain as it is currently not managed well. She then proceeds to tell me to back off of my Tramadol and discontinue all Vicodin use [which I agree with and have been trying to do]. I told her that I was in too much pain to function without the low dose of Tramadol every 6 hours. She then tells me that I am clearly on too much medication and need to suck it up [not in those words but very close]. I get that I need to be off pain pills but have some compassion. She did however ask why I wasn’t seeing a doctor in Oklahoma, I told her I didn’t know of any and she referred me to a clinic in OKC. I appreciate the information regarding the clinic but will not be going back to rheumatologist B. I will continue treatment with rheumatologist A until I get in contact with this clinic.


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  1. Jo Schneider

    Wow. I guess the possibly good item to come out of what must have been a discouraging (read: infuriating, no?) time spent with R-B was to find out that there might be help in Oklahoma City. Are there places on websites of doctors through which you can learn whether a doctor is compassionate? Comments, I guess, but I imagine that can be tricky. I’m puzzled that there aren’t a lot of doctors who specialize in fibromyalgia. You do find the best illlustrations. Love you lots, sweetie. Mimi


  2. What Jo said.

  3. tramadol fuck me every day


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