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I’ll be back [Mayo 5]

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405862_10151429191828564_909009868_nAlright gang here’s the deal I went to the “teen PRC [pain rehabilitation center]” as referred by my doctor. I met a very nice psychologist, we discussed my situation and he told me that pain rehab was really all there was left for me to do. I asked what kind of doctor I needed to find to perhaps prescribe me something weaker than Vicodin (Like tramadol) and who would be dealing with my Lyrica. He didn’t really answer me on that front which I found frustrating. He did however pick up on my personality and said that he suspected that I only had two speeds, 110% or 0%. He told me that I needed to start accepting my limitations and need to slowly work my way back to normality. He said that he felt going to the specialty fibromyalgia program would be a mistake as they mostly dealt with diagnosing followed by a two-day cram session of how to cope. He instead referred me to the Adult PRC program (he said he felt I would connect better with adult patients, which is right) that is 3 weeks long and very intensive. He then told me that it was booked solid and that I probably would have to wait a decent amount of time. We went to scheduling where they told me that the earliest they could see me was late August. In short there is no way for me to do this without missing school. I’m not going to lie it was really disappointing to me that there wasn’t more that could be done with my case for the time being. Hearing that I had to wait for more help made me want to cry but I know there’s not much else they can do and that it isn’t anyones fault.

Pending a set date I will be returning to Mayo Clinic for PRC in the fall.

Sorry I don’t have better news :-/

Adult PRC:


My MRI results are in and confirm no synovial inflammation they did however find “a small ganglion cyst just medial to the ulnar base of the 5th finger proximal phalanx”, I’ve had a cyst in my wrist before so it’s not really anything new.


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  1. Jo Schneider

    Well, darn!  I’so sorry you can’t get into the PRC program now.  At least the psychologist obviously saw that you should be in the adult level program, and from what you say, saw your personality.  I did read about the PRC, and wow!  Sounds as though it covers the waterfront (whatever that means).  Maybe after you’re home you’ll be able to find out about possible waiting lists and/or cancellations — or get an appointment for a time that’s pretty good for you.  As you do, of course, I wish it were available now.   Meanwhile, I’m not clear about what meds Mayo has you on or not on.  Are you to continue with the shots and/or infusions?  No, is what I’m hearing.  And from whom might you get answers about use of Vicoden, for now?  You probably don’t even want to think about it, right now, however.   Yesterday I spent another hour on the phone with an iYogi tech person in India, who yet again cleared my computer of a virus.  A Trojan one, again.  I can’t remember whether I told you that it took about 4 hours a couple of weeks ago — big strong virus!  (iYogi is the tech service by phone that I subscribe to.  I need such a service.)  The tech takes control of my computer while I keep my hands off the keyboard and just watch.  And they often chat, which is fun.  All except one that have helped me are in India; one was in Indonesia and would love to move to Austin.   The one last last week talked about vegetarian dishes.  (Sometimes they have to wait while something’s going on in my computer.)  I thought of you.   You’ll be home tomorrow, I know.    Love you lots,   Mimi    


    • While I’ll have to wait for the PRC they did prescribe me Lyrica and I will continue to take it as it has helped my fatigue already. I will continue my RA treatments so that I STAY in remission, I see the rheumatologist that told me I ad nothing else wrong with me next week so that’ll be fun. For the time being I will take Vicodin as sparingly as possible until I find a doctor who can help me manage my condition.

      I’m sorry about the computer virus but am very glad that you got help and a chance to talk with some interesting people.


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