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Are you scared?

netflix and birdsThis is a question I have become accustomed to being asked;  whether it is in regard to my illness itself, the medications that treat it, or how it affects my life. Since I started informing people about my trip to the Mayo I have been asked the question “who’s going with you?”. When I answer “no one” people seem a little shocked they ask why my parents aren’t going and look at me with an odd expression of disbelief. It’s not that my parents are not supportive [in fact my parents are the most supportive people I’ve ever met] they just understand that when it comes to my health I am better off going alone. This inevitably leads back to the original question of “are you scared”. In short, no. I’m not afraid my health isn’t some big bad monster that I have to fight. While it is something I struggle with and it is hard on me, fear is not in my mixture of emotions regarding it. While that may seem odd to people I would just like to say that there is no “right” way to cope with chronic illness, it sucks, it’s rough, and it’s going to wear you down; but you are not your disease so don’t let it run your life. And personally I see no point in being afraid, take charge, be proactive!

On another note I would like to say that my weight loss plan is working I have gone from a size 12 to a size 8 and am still losing weight! My knees and hips are feeling better with this dropped weight. Plus nixing all the fast food and soda’s helped my health overal!


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  1. This is so interesting to me — I feel the same. It’s essential for me to handle lots of things in life, but especially health matters, myself. I think the best way I can describe my need to “go it alone” is that conversation from others can be very distracting and, yes, irritating at times. It can take all my energy, sometimes, to have to switch my mind around in order to respond. And that’s exhausting, to me. I’m glad fear isn’t in your thinking, also. I especially like your statement, “And personally I see no point in being afraid, take charge, be proactive!” Yes!! Your choice of illustration is a delight. Wow! You sure must be eating right!! That’s super.


  2. Life is what you make it, for better or worse. Keep on making it an adventure! Rawr!


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