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states that partyIf you’ve ever pulled an all-nighter [or two in a row] you know the true meaning of exhaustion. Now imagine feeling like that most of the time with no way of making it any better. No matter how much coffee you drink, what you eat, or how much you sleep you will continue to feel like you ran 20 miles with lead weights around your ankles. The biggest issue with this [besides feeling gross all the time] is that you have to ration your energy for the day. Some days you start with more energy than others. It’s frustrating fo all involved, sometimes I feel like if I could just pause life so I could take a nap and rest that then everything would be better. I wonder if my particular fatigue is potentially fibromyalgia [I have other Fibro symptoms as well] or Chronic fatigue syndrom [CFS]

This woman explains chronic fatigue way better than I ever could. I strongly recommend reading this if you or a loved one is chronically ill.

Advice for chronically ill patients: Take life slow as much as you hate it be kind to your body.

Advice to friends/family of patients: Don’t push activities, be understanding, maybe plan a night in with a rented movie. Staying in is always easier than going out [it seriously makes a real difference energy wise].


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