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Breakthrough Pain and Kittens


Breakthrough Pain is probably my least favorite thing ever and let me tell you why. Besides the obvious suckage of being in pain it sneaks up on you. You can be going about your day thinking everything is going to be great and then BOOM down for the count. Today was one of those breakthrough days [my apologies if this post is a little wonky we are playing the staying awake on Vicodin game today]. Now I’ve said before that this blog exists so that relatives and friends of chronically ill patients have some idea what’s going on with their loved ones. Keeping this in mind I’m going to say that while you may be trying to help your friend/relative by pushing them and telling them they can do it, honestly sometimes we can’t and that makes us feel lazy and like we aren’t worth your time. There are days that we can be super hero’s and blast through our pain but there will still be days like today when all you can do is take your pain medicine, curl up in a ball, and pray it goes away. With any luck this will be a little better by tomorrow, if it’s not I will be calling my rheumatologist and seeing if I need to be taking prednisone [EWWWW] again and what else needs to happen, or even if there is anything that can be done right now.

On a happier note I will be seeing my psychiatrist in 2 days and am finally going to talk to her about an emotional support animal. Being stuck in bed on flare days can be very depressing and cause anxiety and I have heard many chronic illness patients talk about how having an animal with them really helps them cope and not feel like they are cut off from the world. With any luck the most wonderful Dr. Collins will see it my way and I will be able to get a cat next fall. I need her consent for this as the apartment I will be living in only allows animals under special circumstances [like my situation]. The plan is to get an young orange tabby and name him Tesla and training him to be a support animal myself [surprisingly not that hard to do from what I’ve been told].


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