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My absolute least favorite thing about RA is how unbelievably tired you are. This is going to get whiny, you’ve been warned. One moment you feel like you could run a marathon the next rolling over in bed seems impossible. To be quite honest it really bites the big one. Here’s an example of school with RA:

*in 12:30-1:20 english class*

body: hey, HEY, you, yeah you.

brain: yes body?

body: remember that time that you were so exhausted that you couldn’t walk back to your dorm so you sat at the union for an hour until you felt like you could walk again?

brain: yeah… why?

body: surprise! you feel that aching all over and how it’s hard to sit up straight? I think it’s time for an encore of that day

brain: please no, I really need to finish this book report after class It’s already a day late because you made me stay in bed all day yesterday and I have sorority stuff I HAVE to be at tonight.

body: NOPE.

brain: I quit

body: Don’t forget you have extra reading to do because you went to bed early yesterday…

Wasn’t that lovely? I’m not usually a bitter individual when it comes to my RA it’s just been really hard lately. Hopefully my Remicade infusion Monday will help. I WILL enjoy Italy if it kills me.


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