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I’m back!

So I’ve been insanely busy lately; I changed my major to early childhood education (ECE), I’m starting my chronic illness support group in 2 weeks, I’m in a sorority, I’m taking 14 hours, I’m working up to 10 miles of walking a day for Italy, Cooking when I can, and oh yeah fighting RA. Luckily I have an amazing boyfriend who helps me on a daily basis as well as fantastic friends and sisters.

Back in November I told my rheumatologist that the MTX wasn’t cutting it and I was sick of scheduling my life around a shot. Unfortunately I still don’t have much of a choice about that but instead of putting me on what would have been a second weekly shot I asked that she allow me to try a newer drug called Actemra, the only issue was at that pont I wasn’t eligible due to the fact that I hadn’t failed 2 biological medications yet [1 so far]. I then told her I still wanted to give IV medication a chance and was then put on an older RA drug called Remicade. I started Remicade in November and it has made a huge difference! After all the loading doses I only need an infusion every 8 weeks!!! I’m still having a decent amount of pain due to the weather here so I take Celebrax, kava, Rybix ODT, and occasionally Percocet.

In other news I had my gallbladder scraped out of me this past December. While all my tests and scans were negative they decided to go ahead and pull the little jerk out of me. OH MY GOD IT WAS HORRIBLE, not the surgery that was fine [despite the fact that since I can’t take hyrocodone they pretty much gave me tylenol and sent me on my way] but my gallbladder was covered in scar tissue and black spots, it was on it’s way out in a major way, I feel so much better now! Brett took off work and drove down for my surgery [with 1 days notice!] and was there when I woke up from my operation [that man is fantastic I must say].

I dislocated my shoulder [or something] in January and have been in physical therapy for 3 weeks now for “hypermobility of the right shoulder” basically my body moves in new and interesting ways.

So yeah that’s everything 🙂

p.s. I found this awesome site called which allows me to chart all my medical stuff and find well… patients like me 🙂


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